Christmas wish list

So as everyone knows, Christmas is tomorrow, which means eating way too much food, seeing family, and hopefully exchanging a few presents! I’m writing a wish list of things I would love to receive, but I’m obviously not expecting to get any!! 

1) Anastasia modern renaissance palette

This palette is so gorgeous, the shades are so pigmented, and the colours would suit me so well as they are warm toned. 

2) Urban decay naked skin concealer

I would love the urban decay naked skin concealer because I am in need of a new concealer and everyone raves about this one!

3) Topshop dressing robe

This dressing gown is super super fluffy and cosy and feels really soft, I would love this!! 

4) Bluetooth speaker

 I would like a new speaker as mine is not Bluetooth so I have to plug my phone into it which sometimes doesn’t work, so I would like a new speaker that has Bluetooth

5) Black topshop jeans

I am in need of a new pair of topshop jeans as my current black ones have faded a lot.

6) Mac whirl lipstick

I would love this Mac lipstick because it is the perfect dark ish nude, one of my friends has it and it always looks gorgeous, so I would like my own.

Christmas wish list

Current makeup favourites <3

So recently I have changed up quite a few of my makeup products, I have either been gifted new products or bought new ones, so I decided to share them with you!

So firstly my lovely best friend bought me this eyeshadow palette from makeup revolution, the shades are all pigmented and buttery, and there is a good range of warm and cool toned eyeshadows, and shimmers and mattes. 

My next favourite is another makeup revolution palette, it reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit as the shades are similar, but it is much cheaper and easier to get hold of. The shades are all pigmented, although the lightest shade is slightly chalky, but it is still a good highlight shade.

A new favourite is the kylie lip kit in the shade candy k, it is really creamy and long lasting, it doesn’t tend to dry my lips out unless I use it constantly so I tend to switch it for my Mac Mehr lipstick some days. The only problem with the lip kit is that it sometimes becomes patchy when re-applied, but it normally lasts long enough for me to not have to re-apply it. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Sammy x

Current makeup favourites <3

Favourite blushes ♡

Today I thought I would share my favourite blushes as I have recently become more into blush! 

So my first favourite blusher is benefits rockateur, it’s a beautiful peachy shade with a lovely sheen to it, it looks beautiful as a blush and highlight, I only have it in a box set that I got for Christmas, but I’m going to buy the big version soon! 
My next favourite is again from benefit, but this time it’s the benetint, I love how it is a liquid, as it is so easy to apply and blend, and it looks very natural.

The Clinique blusher in the shade smouldering plum has been a firm favourite for years, it is a rosey pink colour, and has bits of very finely milled glitter in it, it looks so healthy and glowey on the skin!

My next favourite is the sleek blush in pinktini, this is very pigmented but is perfect for the winter as it is a gorgeous plum shade. (It’s the one on the right)

The elf palette blush is more of a highlight to me as it isn’t very opaque, however it looks lovely on the top of the cheek bones for a natural sheen.


From left to right, rockateur, benetint, Clinique, sleek, and then elf.


Hope you enjoyed! 

Sammy X 

Favourite blushes ♡

My morning routine ♡

Hey guys! 

So as it’s the school holidays, my mornings have been more layed back, so I thought I would write about what I generally do when I wake up.

I normally wake up about 9am, and I usually watch some tv/YouTube/Netflix when I wake up. I then usually get up about 9:30/10am and go and make some breakfast, I have done a whole post on my favourite things to eat for breakfast so I will link it below if you want to know what I eat. I then move onto my skincare and makeup which normally takes longer than I would like to admit haha. As I have more time in the holidays I do my full skincare routine and go all out with my makeup, I will have a post up soon about my everyday makeup faves, so that will go more into detail about what I use most days. 

After my makeup I will generally do some dreaded revision before I go out somewhere, at the moment I am doing lots of dance rehearsals as I have a show coming up soon which is exciting! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Sammy X 

My morning routine ♡

Mac mehr lipstick review 

I bought macs mehr lipstick a while ago, and I have grown to love it, I wear it on a regular basis because it looks natural while it adds a bit of colour. It is really creamy and lasts for about 3-5 hours. I find that I have to re-apply it after a while, but it is such a gorgeous colour that I don’t mind it. 

It is a nude/plum shade, and looks very natural and non-offensive on the lips. It is fine to wear to school and I have had lots of compliments on how my lips look.

The price of Mac lipsticks are quite a lot in my opinion, (£15.50), but for the quality I really don’t mine paying more for a good lipstick. 


Hope you enjoyed reading! 

(Sorry this post is late, for some reason it didn’t post when I scheduled it for!)

Sammy X  

Mac mehr lipstick review